About Us

Sheer Automation is small Mechanical Engineering Design company providing comprehensive set of Product Development services with strong focus on proper mechanical engineering. We abide by Traditional Design & Engineering Principles and implement the leading edge engineering techniques throughout the design process.

We specialize in Product Development from Idea to Production, providing complete set of product development services, from Mechanical Engineering to Prototyping and support to manufacturing. We offer our services individually or as a part of turnkey solutions from initial idea to prototyping or to production to corporations and entrepreneurs start ups. Our services and/or turn-key packages are often customized to suite client's particular needs and requirements.

We are structured as "design studio" so we do not have neither sales nor HR staff and associated costs which keeps our overhead costs extremely low. Our operations are organized on 'Lean' principles and manufacturing, we have improved our efficiency and effectiveness and did everything possible to reduce our rates with desire to bring the product development closer to everyone. We provide personalized services and our engineers deal directly with our clients or their representatives.

Feel free to contact us about any potential job or inquiry you may have. We are here to help you and your business succeed. Use our contact form or send us an e-mail at info@sheerautomation.com