Cost Reduction


Beginnings were difficult. Pressed by dead lines rushing to introduce the product to the market ASAP with very limited resources.. Function was important but there was no time to search for best or economical solutions. the product is on the market but now the sales are dropping, product is to expensive. Sound familiar? Now it is time to revisit the design of the product and cut the costs. In order to keep the pace with the highest standards and the latest design trends your product can be redesigned based on your existing know-how. Analyzing in depth your existing product we will provide new product design with number of improvements, keeping core systems and critical function the same. The whole project will be performed considering your in-stock quantities and planned delivery dynamics and depletion rates creating minimal disruption and seamless switch to new revision. Typically savings generated through Cost Reduction programs will pay both for services provided and create additional profits already in the first year.


The part / product cost is most likely the most important cost you will be facing for the life of the product. Those costs multiplied by your annual production volume and number of years in production easily justify to be the primary concern and part of the design goals during the product development process. We offer number of design and engineering techniques to keep the part & assembly costs down; from minimizing number of parts, simplification of the part geometry, minimizing the material / or optimizing the size of the source materials to various designs for specific manufacturing process. Implementing our vast experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes all our designs follow Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly methodologies. Additionally depending on client's desire (or our suggestion) whether parts / product should be produced locally or at Overseas we will balance the design ensuring that labor intensive activities are performed at lower rates (Overseas) or if not possible than at least minimized; while technologically advanced and/or sensitive operations will be performed in accordance with the technical capabilities of the supplier (typically kept local) . Understanding technical capabilities of the potential supplier, as well as supplier's process related and other costs, adds another critical layer to our design and engineering capabilities enabling us to make the right decisions and choices, ultimately making the most cost effective product providing you room for higher margins and much better ROE.


With in depth knowledge of manufacturing processes our designs are always targeted towards the easiest (and cheapest) to produce geometry while respecting supplier's specific needs and requirements we optimize the designs giving them as much as reasonably possible necessary freedom, resulting with the lowest possible tooling costs. Alternatively when possible we will push the cheaper manufacturing process to the edge of technological capability in order to achieve cheaper tooling and parts than using the higher level or more precise process. Assembly time and serviceability of the product is achieved with more complex design which require less time, skill or jigs to assemble particular for the products produced.


We furthermore reduce your direct development costs by reducing development time. Applying mentioned Project Management skills, various engineering methodologies and formal knowledge as well as by use of high end CAD software packages, we manage the design and engineering processes in the most efficient way arriving to the best possible solutions in the shortest time.. The crucial component in achieving ultimate high quality products is managing design risks and eliminating possible errors. On the other hand we provide all our services under very reasonable and affordable rates. Understanding that it is neither easy nor cheap to bring the product to life we wish to help our small Start Ups and entrepreneur clients to reach their dreams by obtaining highest possible level of technical services for less. This desire has been a major factor in establishing Sheer Automation operations.