Design Build


From the beginning to the end of the project we provide full set of product development services including building and testing of the prototypes. The successful testing of the final prototypes built using level drawings and other documents will mark your product Ready for production. (Client may select prototype or manufacturing level of drawings). Once the prototypes are tested and detailed design is verified, full set of documentation is submitted to the customer who will then make arrangements for the production.

This Ultimate turnkey Solution is the most suitable for clients who prefer Single stop services or advantage of a single budget for the both product development and manufacturing. Sheer Automation acts as a supplier of finished parts and assemblies taking the full responsibility for Quality of the product. Sheer Automation selects the contract manufacturers and provides them with seamless support and instructions. The cost of Project management and Quality Control is built into per part price. Sheer Automation provides all project management and logistics minimizing clients headache. Finished product is supplied as per agreed schedule. Optional Product Responsibility may include design of packaging as well (per client).


Natural end of product development cycle is when production First-Offs are approved and accepted by a customer. This solution extends past the Project responsibility by providing mechanical engineering support to manufacturing.. Liaison with production and engineering support during building of the tooling / moulds review and selection of the suppliers quotes as well as preparation of Manufacturing and Assembly instructions necessary for production and/ or assembly. We will gladly work with suppliers selected by the client or use our pre-approved suppliers (client's choice Locally or Far East) . Level and detail of provided documentation after test run (first off) or pilot series production is sufficient for customer's purchasing department to take over further management of the production. and logistics.


Sheer Automation will provide fully customized solution for your particular requirements and situation. Additionally you can select from list of services we provide and retain Sheer Automation to help your team with the services you do not have sufficient resources or appropriate skill set in house. E-mail us to discuss how we can help you the best way. (No project too small).