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Today, it is almost impossible to find a product that is purely mechanical. Recent developments of computers and communications have resulted in products which are, if not mainly build around electronics (cellular phones, point of sale devices, computers), than at least controlled by software (toys, kitchen appliances, HVAC). This new course has rendered integration of multiple technologies and disciplines a critical factor for successful product development.

Recognizing importance of integration we focus on creation of true interdisciplinary teams with experts in different fields from electronics to environmental studies, as well as cooperating with people from your marketing departments. Although we provide interdisciplinary integrated solutions, our greatest advantage is Product Development expertise and management of the whole Product Development Process. Contributing our knowledge of the market trends and user expectations, in conjunction with our expertise with various manufacturing environments we provide necessary link between solutions from various disciplines integrated in the optimized solution and management of the Product Development process from Concept to Production.


With ultimate goal of building the prototype or organizing production mechanical engineers competent in manufacturing processes will not only select the most suitable material and manufacturing process but design assemblies and part geometry to provide desired function working towards the form defined by your scope.


Years of experience in developing products place our Product Development expertise far beyond only mechanical engineering and industrial design activities performed along the process of development. We can comprehend various individual client situations and specific goals and make necessary adjustments to the process and related activities. Our ability to anticipate possible outcomes based on past experiences empower us to select the best product development path and make right and safe technical decisions in order to maximize results in the same time minimizing your costs.


In the early stages of the product development process, conceptual designs and proposed esthetical and ergonomic features are discussed with customer using physical models and prototypes. Building of these models enables designers and customer to see materialized shape and style of the future product for the first time. The review of the models with customer concludes one of the most important phases during the product development: the definition phase.

Since prototypes are used to verify design, for research and development and simulation of the actual manufacturing process they are the best single source of information for designers and engineers. Their use for presentation purposes and for communication with less technical people makes them pivot point of the product development. In order to accelerate product development cycle and provide marketing people with unsurpassed tool, building of the prototypes is as early and accurately as possible. For certain designs and the quickest development cycle we provide prototypes build using 3D Printed and other Rapid Prototyping processes.


Selection of the suppliers and manufacturers is the second most important factor in achieving ultimate quality under reasonable prices. From approval of the tools and production first offs through continuous Quality Control and technical support to the final assembly, manufacturing of your product is managed with expertise and care by engineers. Implementing project management and scheduling techniques numerous manufacturers and suppliers are synchronized and supplied with all required documentation and instructions in order to enable smooth and seamless delivery of the product. We have built great relationships with local suppliers and manufactures.

Number of our clients take advantage of our full engineering support and management of all production activities relying on either client preferred or on our high quality and pre approved suppliers. If you are in the market to keep your item Supplied or/and Manufactured in Canada or the US, we can make it happen.