Following the current trends in manufacturing and need for the most economical and competitive production Sheer Automation has been on the fore front of outsourcing production to Overseas / Overseas suppliers.

Unlike many companies who have developed contractual relationships with one or more Overseas suppliers or operate as a representative of the (family) businesses established in Overseas we at Sheer Automation have been working with large number of Overseas suppliers in various industries developing pure customer / client relationships. Beside great advantage of always obtaining the best possible price from the suppliers carefully selected for the particular job, we take pride in our ability to select the most appropriate supplier based on the supplier’s actual technical and process capability and track record instead of the contractual obligation. Relying on the suppliers with good track record, both of providing high quality parts and history of low prices, we have practically covered every imaginable manufacturing process at all levels of cost to quality ratio.


Sheer Automation will be your Canadian supplier of the fished parts manufactured Overseas where all your dealings will be only with Sheer Automation a Canadian company incorporated in Canada and responsible to you under Canadian law and financial systems.

For all your orders from Overseas Sheer Automation will act both as your supplier of the finished parts produced Overseas and supplier of the engineering support to production services in seamless and uninterrupted process. While we deal with all the legalities, banking, ordering, customs, logistics and communication (with time difference) in one hand, in the other we will provide all necessary manufacturing instructions, engineering support including production setup activities, quality inspection of the First Offs and production parts as required, alleviating your risks associated with outsourcing and dealing with Overseas suppliers. You will benefit from the simplified and consolidated ordering from a single supplier, too.


As your Canadian supplier of the fished parts we will provide all necessary engineering support for production as part of our Overseas Manufacturing service

Acting as your supplier responsible for the quality of the finished parts, we will provide all necessary design and engineering support to manufacturing including, manufacturing and assembly instructions and inspection of the parts, etc. ensuring the parts delivered to you are meeting the required quality. While technically this is the natural transition from design to manufacturing where original designers and engineers are working to ensure their own design intent is achieved, and to obtain the quality of the parts they have originally envisioned and specified, practically this is the most efficient and economical way of ensuring the best possible quality of the parts and setting up production in the seamless and uninterrupted process from design to production. Additionally for the products to be manufactured in Overseas, we prepare fabrication drawings and other supporting documentation in a slightly different manner accommodating for Overseas business culture and industry practices keeping very high control over the quality of the parts produced.


We value your Intellectual Property and will take all necessary steps to safeguard it.

The Overseas suppliers we have been using are reputable companies with proven track record as quality suppliers to number of big US and European names, behind several high end consumer and medical brands as well as in the automotive industry with good business practices and ethics. We diversify outsourcing of the product per part /component to the multiple suppliers preventing them to obtain the big picture. Typically based on a single or two unrelated components one can not understand the function, indented purpose, quite often not even guess the industry the product is designed for. Small but quite justifiable drawback for this approach is a bit more complex logistics and need for the immaculate designs.

While many companies with not so strong engineering prefer to keep the option to request tweaks of the design from the supplier in order to achieve desired (but missed) mating of the two components, therefore will avoid to diversify the production practically jeopardizing your Intellectual Property and making room for the quick knock offs with zero or minimal investment in engineering, we take pride in our designs and ability to split the production any way we like never relying on the suppliers to do our design and engineering work.

For maximum protection we always advocate in favor of assembly in Canada of the parts / and components produced Overseas. This approach is beneficial as well in terms of shipping costs as most of the parts produced are shipped in appropriate component level packaging while finished goods typically require much more space per unit.


While Overseas has been the only answer to very competitive today's markets, where cheap parts and products are the only way to remain profitable, performing of the design and engineering Overseas is, in the long term, possibly the worst decision one can make, unless ending up in a 'dollar store' is the ultimate goal. While many great and high quality products are produced Overseas, each of us definitely having a few, one will recognize that not a single of those products has been designed Overseas. We can certainly speculate about the reasons why the quality designs do not come from Overseas, the other very important side of the medal, is that designs performed Overseas are subject to breach of your Intellectual Property, protectability or patentability of your IP issues, and even if your IP is in fact yours (please consult your Patent and Trade Mark lawyer for competent information about IP rights Overseas) and obviously easy leak of your Know-How, and opening the door for possible emergence of the quick and easy knock off designs and dirty competition. While there are companies with strong ties (sometimes even family ties) Overseas, some acting as sales reps or having the Overseas based offices, who will outsource design and engineering to Overseas, we at Sheer Automation will NEVER outsource design and engineering activities Overseas NOT even drafting services.

We realize that number of those Canadian & US based companies which simply can not resist the idea of very lucrative opportunities are prepared to sneak a portion or even complete set of design activities to their Overseas counterpart, can in turn offer design and engineering services far more competitive than we can, and even make bigger profits, we realize that by risking the success of the client's product by substandard design, jeopardizing client's position on the market by knock-off competition and loss of Intellectual Property advantages; as well as in the long term impact such drain of Know How has on the North American economy, in our opinion is not the way to make a profit. Therefore we deliberately give up on such ill made profits and competitiveness by, in our opinion, practically selling the client's long term interests for possibly slightly bigger profit, we position ourselves as true North American supplier of the high quality engineering and design services. We take pride in our own design and engineering work and believe not everything is for sale.

We can not prevent our competition from using Overseas suppliers for design and engineering, so it is up to our customers to read in between the lines and wonder if the design and engineering rates quoted are realistic for North American market.